What do we all need and deserve when we are struggling?
What do I think is crucial in therapy and bring into the therapy room?  

You being heard, being and feeling genuinely cared about, feeling safe, exploring emotions, healing wounds from past and current experiences, not being judged for adaptations and coping mechanisms you use to try to get through to manage very difficult experiences.

Having someone beside you, with you, who has an understanding of the manifestations of these very difficult life experiences and truly having the ability to see what is underneath these adaptations and manifestations…seeing the core you, and finding this together. 

Being witnessed and having someone safe walk with you on your healing journey.  Having someone who understands starting your healing journey can be so very difficult. It is so very brave and courageous to be vulnerable with someone you don’t know; who you are just building a relationship with and sharing your deepest wounds with.

Trusting this relationship when perhaps you have experienced mistrust in other relationships, or perhaps you have never had the opportunity to have anyone safe in your life.  There may be parts of you that may be so very terrified but the other parts of you that are holding onto hope and so desperately wants things to be different.

We can work together to work through fear, build empathy, compassion, and love for yourself. 

We are human, social, beings that need connection, need to feel heard, felt, understood, and seen, in a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate way.  

I believe the power to heal is from within.  Sometimes it may be lost or hard to find; therefore, it can be helpful when we have someone with us, to help us to explore and find it, bring it out.  We sometimes need help trusting these healing powers within us by trusting another that trusts it.  We may also need someone who will walk with us, to be with us, to slowly and safely tap into this. Having someone with us, to be with, walk with, experience with, and compassionately witness this very deep, dark, perhaps haunted forest we have to walk through is what most of us need; to not feel and be alone when we are trying to find our way. Sometimes getting lost but finding the path again to come to a place that is so very beautiful, peaceful, calm and safe.

Together we can create a space where we can safely explore your thoughts, feelings, sensations as well as adaptions you have made in order to try to manage every day.  In looking at and processing these as well as embodying new coping strategies that feel right for you, you can heal and be the best you; feeling confident, peaceful, and happy knowing your worth and having self-love and compassion. You will live the life you want to live and feel the way you would like to feel.